CanaanTek Culture

      CanaanTek hopes for higher breakthroughs in social responsibility, employee development, core technology, and company performance. It hopes to improve lean quality management and professional service attitude while providing excellent products. While providing reliable RF devices for customer products, the high-quality RF chip is also the basis for signal sending and receiving , aiming to provide a better customer experience, obtain more recognition and trust, and be committed to being globally interconnected in the name of love.

      CanaanTek is committed to building a team that is mission-driven, highly connected, and highly effective in the RF chip industry by continuously delivering products that are high cost-performance and innovative, and by focusing on win-win cooperation with customers. We focus on the cultivation of the innovative spirit and team consciousness of our employees, and regularly hold activities such as learning & development, party & fellowship, and group building & development to continuously stimulate the potential of our employees, enrich their lives, and enhance the engagement and sense of belonging of every employee.