CanaanTek Lab

CanaanTek has a laboratory spanning over 600 m² with a complete set  of professional test equipment for RF front-end monomer and module testing in Shanghai Zhangjiang and Hangzhou. The laboratory is a capable of conducting RF small signal, large signal, reliability and automatic testing to support product development testing, device evaluation, customer support, reliability testing, and batch verification. With these capabilities,CanaanTek ensures the quality of its products and maintains its commitment to providing reliable RF devices for its customers.

R&D Team

CanaanTek R&D team has over 60 engineers consists of RF, Analog, Digital, EM, layout etc, and the R&D project leader was recognized as a national leading talent in 2012. The team focuses on research and development of RF switches, antenna tuners, LNAs, and RF modules, with a strong emphasis on technological innovation. CanaanTek has also established an R&D center in Belgium to collaborate with international experts and stay up-to-date with advanced technologies.