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CanaanTek Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic RF front end chip supplier, headquartered in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park, known as "Silicon Valley in China", with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as branch offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi 'an and overseas subsidiary .

CanaanTek focuses on the R&D and sales of RFIC products for many years. Its products include a full range of 2G/3G/4G/5G RF switches, antenna tuners, LNAs and RF modules for smart mobile terminals and IoT. The above products fully cover Qualcomm, MTK, Samsung, UNISOC and other mobile phone platforms. 

CanaanTek has over 60 chip models in mass production and more than 50 fully independent intellectual property rights.In recent years, relying on strong R&D strength and technology accumulation, strict quality management and efficient service attitude, the company has been continuously recognized by customers, and has gradually grown into a highly competitive chip design company in the RF field.The products have been shipped globally in large quantities to TOP5 cell phone terminal customers, with an annual revenue compound growth rate of over 300% in the past 3 years.In addition, the cumulative financing of the company exceeded hundreds of millions of yuan in recent years. Shareholders include famous investment institutions such as SBCVC, SCGC, Cowin Capital and Oriental Fortune Capital. The latest research by YOLE, a global market research firm, shows that CanaanTek has entered the top tier of RF front-end in mainland China and is one of the fastest growing RF front-end chip companies.  

In the coming years, CanaanTek will continue to focus on RF switches, antenna tuners, LNAs and RF module chips, as well as millimeter wave RF phase-locked loops and millimeter wave RF transceiver chips, in order to provide customers with a continuous stream of cost-effective innovative products. CanaanTek will continue to uphold the philosophy of‘concentrate on efficiency and customer-first’, get insights into market needs and trends, continue to innovate, improve product performance, and expand its products field and become a world leading provider of RF chips.




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CanaanTek Headquarter

CanaanTek headquarter in Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Shanghai, which is known as "Silicon Valley in China".

CanaanTek Lingang Subsidiary

CanaanTek Lingang Subsidiary, founded in 2020, is located in CIT, an international innovation synergy zone in the new Lingang area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

CanaanTek Hangzhou Subsidiary

CanaanTek Hangzhou Subsidiary, founded in 2014, is located in Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise Incubation Park.

CanaanTek Shenzhen Branch

CanaanTek Shenzhen Branch, located in Shenzhen Bay Sci-Tech Ecological Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.