Senior RFIC designerpopulation:Some

    Job description:

    1Responsible for independent design of RF circuits including but not limited to Antenna switch tunner ,Switch and LNA, according to design requirements

    2Responsible for simulating, verifying, and evaluating circuits, completing design documentation and related test scenarios

    3Responsible for guiding layout engineers to carry out layout design

    4Responsible for the testing and debugging of the film, and the correct evaluation of the test results

    5Cooperate with product production engineers and AE engineers to develop module packaging solutions, guide EVB development and test methods, and finally enter mass production.

    6Responsible for guiding and supervising young engineers


    Job requirements:

    1Master's degree or above in microelectronics, microwave, semiconductor or related fields, with more than 5 years relevant work experience, and successful product mass production experience

    2Familiar with the basic knowledge and theory of analog RF circuit principle, have a deep understanding of RF front-end system parametersMore than 3 years Tuner and Switch design experience is preferred.

    3Proficiency in the use of Cadence, ADS, HFSS and other EDA design tools, will use the simulation software to correctly establish a simulation test platform and analyze the simulation results

    4Have strong learning ability, independent thinking and analysis skills, communication skills and good team spirit

    5Excellent English skills

Rf application engineerpopulation:Some

    Job description:
    1. Responsible for RF chip RF index testing and problem debugging, support R&D and customers;
    2. Assist in solving all kinds of problems encountered by RF chips in customer applications.

    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in engineering.
    2. Experience in testing and debugging mobile phones, modules and related communication products;
    3. Familiar with RF front-end chips and modules of terminal products, such as RF switches, antenna tuners, low noise amplifiers and RF transceivers.
    4. Familiar with test instruments, such as signal source, spectrum analyzer, network division, oscilloscope, etc.
    5. Responsibility and learning ability, and willingness to communicate with others;
    6. Ability to analyze data and write documents
    If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to (e-mail

ASIC designpopulation:Some

    Job description:

    1. Specification definition of digital module, circuit design, simulation, synthesis, back-end implementation, timing analysis and post-simulation;
    2. Design document and register definition document formulation;
    3. Assist the analog engineer in defining the digital-analog interface.
    4. Chip chip test and assist in mass production test.

    Job requirements:
    1. Full-time bachelor degree in Microelectronics or computer related field;
    2. Have solid basic knowledge of digital circuits and understand the basic process of chip design.
    3. Familiar with Verilog design language, familiar with the whole digital IC design process (simulation, synthesis, sta, PR, formality, etc.) and related EDA software;
    4. Familiar with RTL code implementation, simulation, synthesis and STA;
    5. Ability to use ICC or Encounter for P&R and post-simulation;
    6. Understand the functions of RF front-end switches, antenna tuners and other chips, and be familiar with the priority of MIPI RFFE protocol.
    7. Experience in verification of FPGA and product development and mass production related to RF chips are preferred.

Quality engineerpopulation:Some

    Job description:

    1. Assist superior leaders to establish quality control system to ensure that the R&D process is effectively controlled.
    2. Be responsible for the management of R&D documents to ensure the integrity, timeliness and effectiveness of R&D technical documents.
    3. Supervise the quality of the project implementation process to ensure that the output of each stage of R&D meets the input requirements, and submit the quality-related output documents in time.
    4. Responsible for supplier control, daily quality docking with sealing and testing plant, daily production process and product quality control, complete the corresponding project quality weekly report.
    5. Analyse the quality abnormality, confirm, implement and follow up the improvement measures. Record and form hot issue tracker;
    6. Be responsible for handling customer complaints, complete 8D reports on time and follow up continuously.
    7. Other work arranged by superior leaders.

    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor's Degree in Electronics or Communications;
    2. More than one year's experience in quality management in IC factory is preferred, and the current students are also eligible.
    3. Proficiency in common office software;
    4. Strong English reading and writing ability;
    5. Hardworking and eager to learn, can accept a certain degree of travel.

IC layout designpopulation:Some

    Job description:

    1. Layout design of RF front-end chips, including but not limited to Switch, Tuner, LNA, etc.
    2. Layout design of RF transceiver chip, including RF circuit, analog circuit, analog-digital mixing, and top-level layout;
    3. Check the layout with validation tools, including DRC, ERC, LVS, etc.
    4. Parasitic extraction of layout for designers to imitate and assist designers in layout optimization;

    5. After the filming, the database is collated and backed up, and foundry's Ejob view works.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above in Electronic Engineering and related majors;
    2. Over 5 years of work in related fields;
    3. Proficient in Virtuoso layout design tools, familiar with DRC/LVS/Antenna/ERC/LPE and other physical verification;
    4. Layout design and film-forming experience of processes below 0.13um, SOI process is preferred;
    5. Master the basic principles of ESD design;
    6. Be innovative, willing to accept challenges and innovate boldly;
    7. Strict attitude and sense of responsibility;
    8. Be willing to share and communicate in work;
    If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to (e-mail