Carmel wins technology pioneer award

PUBDATE:2018-07-13 13:52:23

On July 11, 2018, Dr. Xu Wenhua, CEO of Jiamei Xinxin, was invited to attend the 30th anniversary of incubation of science and technology enterprises in Shanghai and the 10th anniversary of science and technology creation of Pu Soft Incubator. He also received the award of "Science and Technology Pioneer Enterprise Award" on behalf of Jiamei.

Pudong Software Incubator, fully known as Shanghai Pudong Software Park Incubator, is located in China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Area and Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Core Area. It is a professional software and information service incubator operated and managed by Shanghai Pudong Software Park Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. and recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. "National Science and Technology Business Incubator".

Carmel was supported by Pu Soft Venture Capital in its early days. As an IC design company, Carmel has been devoted to the R&D of RF front-end chips. At present, more than 50 patents have been applied for, and nearly 50 products have been produced in large quantities. Carmel has enjoyed a certain popularity in the domestic and foreign markets.

The "Science and Technology Pioneer Enterprise Award" is not only the recognition, but also the encouragement and spur of Jiamei. In the context of the "ZTE Incident" and the Sino-US trade war, Jiamei will firmly seize the rare development opportunities, keep pace with the development of 5G technology, and further build the "China Core" with its own core technology.