In 2008, Shanghai CanaanTek Co., Ltd. was established, focusing on GPS RFIC for Portable Navigation Device (PND) and cellular phone application.

In 2012, Single channel GPS navigation product CAN5115 was launched and multi-mode and multi-frequency navigation receiver chip CAN5125 and low noise amplifier CAN5119 were launched in 2013.

From 2013 to 2015, the domestic market of Beidou+GPS dual-mode products totaled nearly 10 million pieces, with a market share of more than 60%, and low noise CAN5119 far exceeded 10 million pieces. Navigation product CAN5186 also cooperates with brand mobile phones to become a supplier of navigation RF chips.


In 2014, The US CanaanTek was established in North Carolina, USA, bringing in world-class RF chip experts and talents to work with the China team. Also Hangzhou CanaanTek Co., Ltd. was established focusing on the design and development of RF front-end chips for mobile phones.


In 2015, series antenna switches CAN1003A, CAN1373, CAN1630, CAN1489, CAN1628, CAN1628A, CAN1414, CAN1416 and CAN1418 were developed and went into mass production; antenna tuners such as CAN1141 and CAN1119 were also developed.


In 2016, a full set of antenna switches, antenna tuners and some power amplifiers entered mass production.


In 2017, CanaanTek antenna switches reaches mass production milestone of 55 million pieces per month.


In 2018, CanaanTek developed antenna switches used for DiFEM in cooperation with our SAW filter partners.


In 2019, CanaanTek developed high performance xPxT swap switches for 5G NR and also the MIPI 4xSPST, SP4T tuners for the 5G NR application


In 2020, CanaanTek develops high integrated LNABANK chips together with our SAW filter partners.